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Porta Camiano 1

The Balcony of Umbria

"Montefalco bears its epithet of the Balcony of Umbria like a crown. I will never forget the first time I visited and the Umbrian valley extended as far as the eye can see, yet clear to the heart of the sky. It was like standing at the top of a high tower, enveloped in a space like a whirlpool…"

(Cesare Brandi, 1986 from Umbria Vera)

Montefalco, known as the balcony of Umbria, rises at the top of a hill almost in the centre of the valley. Its picturesque position looks out over the Clitunno, Topino and Tevere valleys. From its panoramic view spots on can admire the celebrated village and cities of Umbria, and the valley described by Saint Francis: "There is nothing more delightful to the eye than my Spoleto valley." The walls of Montefalco, in brick and local lake stones, still protect the beauty of this village, jealously guarding its history and tranquillity. Admiring the landscape glimpsed from various panoramic outlooks, one enters the magical atmosphere of a history made of the "voices of masters, of the arts and of the habitual toil of a small population". Here one breathes the air of the past, joined with that of the present. The most famous panoramic view spot in the city is Largo Sesto Properzio, in front of the Porta della Rocca and "its" centuries-old cedar of Lebanon: from here one glimpses the city of Foligno and the adjacent plain cleaved by the Clitunno, Topino and Teverone. Further on one sees Spello and Monte Subasio, then Assisi and its fortress, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Cannara and Bevagna, up to far-off Perugia.

Restoration work on the Porta Camiano provided the gate with an adjacent pedestrian zone constituting another beautiful spot with a panoramic view: from here one can enjoy a view of the valley extending north toward Foligno. One can make out the crests of Monte Serano, the abbey of Sassovivo on the slopes of Monte Serrone and Sasso di Pale.

From Largo della Castellina, another panoramic view spot, the view extends as far as the eye can see to the east and south. To the left, one sees the city of Trevi entrenched on the slopes of Monte Serano, lower down, Campello on the Clitunno and in the distance, Monte Vettore, the highest peak of the massif of the Monti Sibillini, and Monteluco, above Spoleto and its imposing Rocca Albornoziana.